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Dr. Nora was amazing with my daughter. They had an incredible bond. Avery trusted Dr. Nora which I believe allowed my daughter's PT sessions to be a success. Dr. Nora was patient, kind, and gentle.  She was also excellent at communicating throughout the entire process where my daughter was at with treatment, what her goals and expectations were. I always felt I knew exactly where things stood with regard to my daughters treatment.

When my daughter first began physical therapy with Dr. Nora, she was slightly delayed with her gross motor skills due to weakness in her core. Throughout her sessions I watched her become stronger and more confident in herself.

Approach each session with an open mind. As a parent, you don’t want to believe that there is something wrong with your child. But remind yourself, you are not a doctor but a parent. If you’ve been referred to PT, then there is a reason for that. Allow yourself and your child to experience the process. I am so grateful that I did this with my daughter. At the end of her treatment, she was exactly where she needed to be with her milestones and I believe that she got there with the help of Dr. Nora and pediatric therapy.

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My son was referred to Dr. Nora for an assessment of his motor delays when he was about 15 months old. We had a choice about whether to see Dr. Nora for therapy and it was an easy decision to continue with her. She made us feel comfortable in the assessment and spent a lot of time explaining the results and answering questions.


When we started therapy, Dr. Nora was very calm and reassuring. She also connected easily with my son. Early into treatment, he was excited to see her and even asked to go to the gym to see Dr. Nora between sessions. Dr. Nora was patient but consistent with him. She also explained his delays and how different exercises could help him. I really liked that she made suggestions we could try at home, using things we already had that didn’t require buying any extra equipment. She also sent us videos or allowed us to tape instructions which made it easy to practice at home. After about six months of treatment, my son made major gains and started to meet his milestones with Dr. Nora’s expertise and support.


I would highly recommend her to any family whose child needs physical therapy. Hopefully my son will keep meeting milestones but we wouldn’t hesitate to return to Dr. Nora if needed! 

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When my daughter turned 18 months we were instructed by her pediatrician to get her evaluated for PT, OT and ST. We found Nora for PT and really enjoyed our time with her. She gave us her assessment of Hudson and walked through some of the things we could work on together in therapy and things we could do at home.


My daughter was very shy, and Nora was very patient and catered to Hudson's interests. She allowed her space and time to warm up without forcing her too far outside her comfort zone but still pushing her enough for us to see progress. I really appreciated Nora’s ability to look at my daughter as an individual and how she catered her plan to her.


Nora is always looking to try new things and it is clear she values staying updated and informed. I would highly recommend Nora to anyone looking for pediatric PT. She will put you and your child at ease while balancing the importance of pushing your child enough to make progress. She is also a great resource and a wealth of knowledge. 

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