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The primary purpose of pediatric physical therapy is to assist children to reach their full functional independence. Our job is to support them and their job is to play.

Nora offers in-home PT sessions for your little one, as well as aquatic therapy in your warm pool, or therapeutic play at a park, playground or school. Many techniques can be completed on a padded floor or bed at home, and those who are moving more may prefer a play room or outside.

Many children, including babies, will benefit from bodywork techniques to release any tension that may limit their ability to perform certain activities, including the simplest of movements such as a newborn's ability to suck and breastfeed, remain in Tummy Time without complaint, or roll.

Nora takes the time to observe and engage your little one so that he or she can show exactly what their abilities and challenges are, while building trust and rapport between PT and patient, and then provides specific recommendations for you and other caregivers to incorporate into your daily routine for optimal carryover between sessions.

Improving function through play means that while your child is busy playing, she is actually engaging in a therapeutic intervention designed around your child's interest in a toy, game, book, or piece of equipment. Nora provides whatever support your child needs - whether working on strengthening, balance, confidence, problem-solving, or coordination - while challenging her to improve in those areas. Each session will look different because each child is different and each day, he or she will present with new interests and abilities.

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